Best Words

Been working hard on your writing? Put it through the Fog Test, a free tool that tells you how readable your copy is.

Fog Test scores:

40 +   - Almost unreadable
35-40 - Difficult to read
30-35 - Fairly difficult to read
25-30 - Fairly easy to read
20-25 - Easy to read
< 20   - Wanna job?



Who does your business need to reach?

Good marketing is about connecting your business with its target market in the most appropriate way possible. So how is yours doing in this regard?

As well as a full range of copywriting services - see these samples of our work - we can create and monitor highly targeted PR campaigns for your business, using the most advanced tools available.

Do you have interesting stories that deserve the media spotlight? You may be surprised at what we help you uncover.

To discuss this further, or take advantage of a free appraisal of all your marketing communications, call us now on 01582 761212, or follow us via the link below.

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