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Been working hard on your writing? Put it through the Fog Test, a free tool that tells you how readable your copy is.

Fog Test scores:

40 +   - Almost unreadable
35-40 - Difficult to read
30-35 - Fairly difficult to read
25-30 - Fairly easy to read
20-25 - Easy to read
< 20   - Wanna job?



Best Words PR - marketing power you can afford

What is your company's most precious asset? Reputation. PR can play a huge part in safeguarding and growing your reputation, but the monthly fees of big agencies are beyond the reach of many businesses. Smaller PR operators may be more affordable, but most don't have tools to do the job effectively. 

Best Words PR offers you the best of both - a suite of powerful PR tools, experience, expertise and an attractive fee structure. We create and monitor highly effective stories and campaigns which grow the reputations of our clients.

Check out some samples of our copywriting work, or call Best Words to discuss your PR and marketing communications:

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